Restoring factory default settings

Restoring factory default settings

You can restore the Corel Painter workspace to its default factory settings by holding down Shift and then starting the application. It’s important …

Restoring lost files

Restoring lost files

If Painter crashes due to application instability, a copy of the file that you were working on may be found in the …

Cloning images quickly

Cloning Images Quickly

You can quickly set up an image for cloning by opening the image that you want to clone and then choosing File …

Changing eraser modes

Changing Eraser Modes

You can quickly toggle between the Eraser tool’s Soft and Hard modes by holding down Option (Mac OS) or Alt (Windows) as …

Undoing brushstrokes

Undoing Brushstrokes

You can quickly undo a brushstroke by pressing Command + Z (Mac OS) or Ctrl + Z (Windows).